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Welcome to our colony, where we think big, work hard and never quit. It’s the

AntBrush life

 Established in 2007, AntBrush’s strength as a

360º Communications Agency

lies in our capability to implement bold ideas. Our regional experience, strategic thinking and creative imagination fuels the development of results-driven solutions across a variety of disciplines. But it doesn’t stop there. We also believe that success is in the implementation. We have the flexibility, resourcefulness and drive to bring our solutions to life. We are not limited by the bureaucracies that plague global agencies, nor by the inadequate resources of startups and small agencies. Our experience and network of partners give us the foresight and resources required to rapidly deliver success at all levels.

Our advantage is your advantage

We are inspired by the diligence and creativity of ants and we have adopted their strengths and turned these into our advantages. Our hardworking, efficient and well-organized team will support your brand; dedicated to ensuring

your success


Size doesn’t matter. Our flexible organization is able to scale up or down depending on your requirements. 


Ants are very independent thinkers; able to adapt to different situations. As an independent agency, we are capable of quickly responding to requirements without going through tedious bureaucratic processes


Just like ants, our virtues make us excellent survivors. Our track record of success in the region shows we can develop insightful and creative solutions appropriate to the market


Ants are determined to find ways to overcome any obstacle. We employ all the tools at our disposal to effectively address objectives and surpass expectations. Chasing awards and recognition is not our goal.

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