Try to block an ant’s path and it will quickly find ways around it. That’s because they are goal oriented. And success ultimately lies in being able to dig deep and finding the courage and determination to reach the objective. Our roster of services will provide you with ways to formulate intelligent strategies, develop effective courses of action and execute plans to perfection. Whether you require traditional advertising, below the line support or digital content and activations, AntBrush will rise to the occasion and help you outperform your competition.


Traditional advertising still has a strong role in today’s marketing mix. We can help you develop a one-off ad or a full-scale campaign across a wide range of channels.


Whether you’re looking to refresh your existing brand or a whole new identity system, AntBrush has the experience and know-how to craft unique and memorable identities.

Direct Marketing

Spanning mailers and leaflets to annual reports, brochures and publications, our team of writers and designers will create materials that will generate positive responses from your audience.


Our experience in the region gives us the insights and the connections required to create informed media recommendations and timely media bookings.


Events are all about experiences. AntBrush can help you stand out in exhibitions, or be more memorable through elaborately themed media events and gala spectacles that your guests will be talking about long after the event is finished.


From websites to web videos, from rich media ads to social media posts, from infographics to motion graphics, AntBrush will keep your brand relevant across digital channels.